Career Readiness

Career Readiness Marina WorkDisability Action Center’s Career Readiness Center (CRC) is to provide specialized, hands-on training to individuals of all abilities in the areas of clerical, food service, laundry and janitorial. The CRC is a comprehensive, facility based program that combines preparatory classroom instruction with a skill attainment, practical work experience followed by competitive job placement assistance and/or supported employment.  The CRC focusing on the use of technology, customer service, safety and workplace preparedness, and individualized support while developing work skills in facility and community based settings. The job placement is always client centered with the goal of integrated, competitive employment.

WV Division of Rehabilitation Programs: The Disability Action Center is an approved Community Rehabilitation Provider, working closely with clients referred from the  WVDRS on the following:

Daniel Memorial Life Skills Training: Curriculum based program that teaches individuals the tools they need to succeed in life and live independently. The program focuses on 16 core areas including Housekeeping, Job Readiness, Food Management, Money Management, Legal Skills, Education Planning, and more.

Work Skills Assessment: Facility based training that combines curriculum based instruction combined with hands on work, designed to gauge and individual’s to work in the janitorial, clerical, food service, or laundry field.

Community Based Assessment: Similar to the Work Skills Assessment, but the work experience and training takes place in the community setting and the placement or work experience site is open to a larger field of occupations and interests.

Direct Job Placement: Job Placement Assistance is provided to individuals who have a vocational or work goal in mind and need assistance in both preparatory skills such as resume writing and interview skills, as well as, assistance in landing the job.

Job Coaching: Short term job coaching is provided to individuals who are placed in employment and require additional supports in training, transition, and retention of employment.  

Mission TransitionThe Mission Transition Project is a program designed especially for Marion County graduating seniors who have shown great determination in overcoming educational barriers to graduate from high school and follow their dreams.

Graduating Seniors are referred by their high school teachers or can apply independently.

The Mission Transition Project will run from June to August and includes one on one support from Disability Action Center staff, computer/assistive technology demonstrations, employment readiness, higher education and financial aid assistance, family and individual workshops planned to meet your needs, and cash stipends to assist you with an education, employment or technology related need.