DAC Summer Camp CAN-DO

DAC Camp Can-Do
July 21-25, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Disability Action Center Summer Camp: Camp CAN-DO is about learning, growing, supporting one another, and showing that We Can Do Anything!DAC’s Camp Can-Do is open to individuals of all abilities and ages.

If an individual requires staffing or one on one assistance, that must be provided throughout the camp day.

Cost is $5.00 per Day for DAC Members and $10.00 per Day for Non-DAC Members. (DAC Members have paid their annual Membership fee)

Camp CAN-DO 2014: Home, Health, and Happiness

Monday, July 21st – Sow the Seeds of Happiness

We will start the week off by learning from Master Gardeners how to grow our own plants and then enjoy outside activities. This day will be a day spent at the center. Please bring your lunch. 

Tuesday, July 22nd – Explore Your World

This will be an off-site day where we travel to the WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities and the WVU Planetarium. We will be learning about our world and how we can make better life style choices. Lunch will be provided. 

Wednesday, July 23rd – Personal Growth Starts At Home

Homemade: cooking, crafting and caring for ourselves. This day will be spent at the DAC exploring how to utilize our home better. Lunch will be provided. 

Thursday, July 24th – Wellness From Within

Fun, recreation, fitness: a whole day of health, wellness, play and learning. Please bring your lunch to enjoy at the center. 

Friday, July 25th – Become A Better You

We will start the morning at the DAC with a special workshop to learn how to use music to improve our overall emotional wellbeing and then spend the afternoon at the 12th street pool. Lunch will be provided! 

For more Information call the center at (304) 366-3213.

Camp CAN-DO is sponsored by support from The Rite Aid Foundation and the United Way of Marion County.

Rite Aid FoundationDAC LOGO-WebsiteUnited Way of Marion County

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