Information and Referral


The Disability Action Center is committed to serving our members in all aspects of life. If we do not offer a program or service that a member is in need of, our staff will work individually with the member and their family to refer and connect them with the services. Through our many agency partnerships we are able to ensure our members seamless navigation through a variety of resources.

Independent Living Skills and Family Support: Through our Life Skills Class and various partner agencies we are able to assist our members in reaching a fulfilling, independent life, including housing, public assistance, and family support.

Volunteer and Family Workshops: The DAC focuses on the needs of the client, family, and community and we encourage participation in workshops focusing on matters such as Social Security benefits, Guardianship, Poverty, Domestic Violence, and more.

Marion County Transition Fair: Each year the Disability Action Center sponsors a transition fair for our three area high schools. High School students and their families are encouraged to come and meet with representatives from Post-Secondary Education providers, Medicaid Waiver, Social Security, Supported and Competitive Employment Agencies, Housing providers, and many more. We are available and open year round to high school students and their families and strive to make the transition into adulthood and independence a knowledgeable, supported process.