Member Spotlight

Desiree Member Spotlight

Desiree Tennant is our Member Spotlight for the Fall 2019. Desiree, age 21, is a 2016 homeschool graduate. She is the daughter of Michael and Renae Tennant. She has a younger brother, Broc, and lives at home with her parents in Fairview. She has one dog and three cats.

Desiree has excelled in many programs at the DAC including her work through the Division of Rehabilitation which landed her a job with Café Diem and the completion of the LIFE Program in 2016. Desiree is a jack of all trades at Café Diem, assisting with most all aspects of the restaurant and food service.

In addition to her work life, Desiree also participates in Bowling, Challenger League Softball, and Worship Dance. She was named the Student of the Month at East Side Karate in 2003, Most Spirited at Husky Cheer Camp, and High Score the of DAC Bowling League in 2015!

Ever the country girl, Desiree enjoys spending time at On Eagles Wing’s for horse therapy. She also enjoys singing, swimming, and worship dance. She loves a good cooking show and her favorite food is pasta. The Twilight Saga is her favorite movie series and Taylor Swift is her favorite music artist! She also loves visiting the beach.

Desiree has had seizures since 2004. She has tried different medications, diets, and treatments, but nothing has worked. She still has seizures several times a week. She does not know when they are going to happen or that she has had one. She recently had to quit working because of her seizures.

Desiree looks up to her mom, brother, Aunt Crys, and her dad. Desiree knows that God is in control of everything; even when bad things happen, God is with her. She is grateful for the people that work with kids with disabilities and is grateful for all the help in finding jobs and making each person’s life better.