Member Spotlight

Jordan-Member Spotlight
Jordan McNemar has been selected as the DAC Winter 2017 Member Spotlight. Jordan is the son of Ray and Trixie McNemar of Clarksburg and has one older sister Leslie. His dog buddy rounds out the family.
Jordan is 22 years old and is a 2012 graduate of Liberty High School. He participates in Special Olympic Sports including bowling and baseball.
Upon graduation from high school, Jordan participated in the DAC’s Career Readiness Programs including the Daniel Memorial Independent Living Skills training and volunteer work experiences at the Marion County Humane Society and Marion County Library. Jordan was hired in the Summer of 2015 in the DAC’s Feel Good Laundry Service as a laundry attendant. The independent position is great for Jordan as he likes to be organized and timely. Jordan also works part time through Empowerment through Employment in Clarksburg.
Jordan rides the Marion County Transit bus independently each day to either the DAC or Empowerment through Employment and some days to both locations. He has worked very hard in learning his schedule and being responsible.
In addition to his work and skill building successes, Jordan enjoys constructing things out of rocks, Pokémon, and Transformers. He also likes video games and reading. He is also an avid Balloon artist, working special events throughout the region.
Jordan’s favorite food is pizza and he likes to visit places like Target, Toys R Us, and GameStop. Jordan is also active in the Social Club through the Autism Training Center where he has developed skills and grown with the group for over 10 years.
Jordan is a really cool young man. He is very smart, determined, and strong willed. When asked to share with others something about his life Jordan simply said that he likes to day dream and has a pretty normal life for an autistic boy. Well those that know him know that Jordan is far more than that with many unique talents, some that we haven’t even discovered yet.

Congratulations Jordan! Keep up the good work!

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