Member Spotlight

Melody Spotlight pic-1Melody Simmons has been chosen as the Fall 2017 Member Spotlight. Melody is 65 years old and lives at home with her sister Peggy. She has one other sister, Susan and a brother, Walton.

Melody attended East Fairmont High School and has been active for many years at the Kingmont Free Methodist Church.

After having dedicated most of her life to her family and home, Melody took a leap of faith and joined the DAC in 2015. Since that time Melody has immersed herself in most all DAC programs and activities.

Melody regularly volunteers in the DAC office, answering the phone and completing office tasks including mailings and copying. She is a member of the 2017 LIFE Project which meets weekly to develop independent living skills and empower one another to be the best they can be. Melody was also a part of the inaugural RURAL (Rural to Urban Agricultural Learning) Program where she was a farm trainee at the Homestead Farm Center. Through this program Melody earned a weekly stipend while learning gardening, livestock care, landscaping, and farm maintenance. She is a member of the People First of Marion County and attended her first People First of WV Conference in September 2017.

Melody shines and excels in all DAC programs, not only because of her work ethic but because of her kind, giving, and gentle personality. She makes each day and class a little brighter. In addition to her DAC activities, Melody also volunteers at the Kingmont Community Building. She enjoys making crafts and jewelry giving them to her friends and family as yet another way of showing she cares.

Melody’s favorite food is pizza. She loves all sorts of music, but most especially, country music and George Straight. She enjoys old shows like Daniel Boone and her favorite movie is the classic Grease. Her favorite place to visit is her sister Susan’s house.

Melody’s involvement with the DAC could not have come at a better time as she lost her mom last year. This was the hardest thing she ever had to go through and she is happy she has her DAC family to see her through this hard time. Melody loves to help more than anything…whether that is at home watering the flowers or going to the nursing home for DAC Community Service. Melody says that she has learned so much from the DAC like farming, cooking, and computers. But it is clear to all at the DAC that we have learned the most from Melody. She teaches us daily to put others first and lead with a smile and kind word.