DAC COVID-19 Update: Stay Connected


Hi everyone!

As we all know things are changing daily with the Coronavirus pandemic and we at the DAC are responding and adjusting each day, just as you are. While limited staff were able to report to work at the center last week, we were primarily cleaning, organizing, and preparing for what we felt would be the Stay at Home orders that are in now in place by the Governor. With that, all program staff are now working remotely, with only myself and Mike Wolfe entering the center for daily checks and upkeep. The center will remained closed until further notice with only staff and approved partners permitted access.

But please rest assured that DAC staff and our Board of Directors are working hard to deliver some level of programming and stay connected to you, our members and families, during this time. We will continue to follow the class activity schedule each day and will post class topics, videos, and lessons on our Facebook page. If you are not already following our Facebook page this is a great way to stay up to date and participate in classes. You can reach us via Facebook or email anytime and we really want to hear from you. Let us know that you are out there, following us, and if you have an idea for an upcoming class. Also, let us know of your needs and concerns during this time….we want to hear from you and will do all we can to respond to your needs and concerns.

At present we know that the larger events in April including the Easter Egg Hunt, Friday Night Out, and Sub Sale will be cancelled. The Sub Sale will be rescheduled. We will look at the May events and fundraisers and make decisions in the near future about possible postponement.

I know these are hard times for us all. There is uncertainty, doubt, fear, and sadness that we cannot all be together. But we can stay connected and support one another through this crisis. Please just stay home, stay safe, stay positive, and stay connected to friends and family….especially your DAC family.

We look forward to hearing from you….remember Facebook or email is the best way to reach me or any DAC staff person!

See you all again soon!!


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