Full STEM Ahead


The Disability Action Center in collaboration with the Homestead Farm Center, Inc. is creating a new STEM initiative to bring science, technology, engineering, and math activities to individuals with disabilities who have not had the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as robotics, rocketry, outdoor education, engineering, and chemistry because of the lack of programs able to modify classes to their abilities. 

Full STEM Ahead! ensures that children with special needs can be as successful in STEM activities as their peers. In most cases students with special needs are ineligible to participate in school based and extracurricular STEM programs or are the least likely to be considered for these learning opportunities.  STEM classes are usually limited to the highest achieving students or students who have a minimum GPA level.  This is due to the difficulty of modifying traditional programs to students with special needs, despite the fact that students who receive special education services can be very successful with hands on science and technology activities adapted to their levels.  Full STEM Ahead! is specifically designed to expand STEM prospects for students with a need for accommodations and a modified curriculum. 

Programs will include but not be limited to: 

Energy Designs:  Design and build working solar and wind powered cars, boats, ovens, and circuits.  Learn how alternative energy can be produced and how these technologies can be used to provide heat and electricity in our future. 

Beginning Robotics:  The group will learn basic robot control and programming (build and program their own LEGO Mindstorms Robot to follow basic commands as well as respond to sensors (light, sound, ultrasonic, touch, and temperature).  Participants will have the option to participate in competitions including FLL, WRO, and RoboXPO.

Advanced Robotics: the group will build and program VEX IQ and EDR Robots.  Participants will have the option to participate in competitions including VEX Robotics Competitions and RoboXPO.  

Building Bridges to STEM:  Civil Engineering. Participants will design and build model bridges and test them to see which are the best bridge designs and which can withstand the greatest force. Gain design, construction, math, and scientific method skills in this fun project. 

Rockets: The group will participate in a hands-on project-based learning program, TARC, which is modeled around the aerospace industry’s design, fabrication and testing processes. 

Additional courses will include web, gaming, video and camera basics, art, kitchen chemistry, job builders, earth science, weather and astrology, and much more.

For more information on the Full STEM Ahead Program, please call the DAC at 304-366-3213 or check the Calendar of Activities on the website for dates and times of scheduled courses.

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