Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement:  The Disability Action Center is dedicated to providing individuals with disabilities, primarily developmental disabilities, and their families with the support, knowledge, and resources they need to reach their greatest level of independence.

The Purpose of The Disability Action Center is:

  1. To improve the quality of life of all Marion County citizens with developmental disabilities.
  2. To promote community awareness and understanding of individuals with disabilities in pursuit of building an inclusive community.
  3. To cooperate and enlist the support of public, private, religious, medical, educational, and professional agencies on the local, state, and federal level in furtherance of these objectives.
  4. To further the implementations of statues and regulations on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities.
  5. To foster the development of integrated programs and employment on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.
  6. To increase the literacy, numeracy, computer, and technology awareness and promote lifelong learning for individuals with disabilities and their families.
  7. To encourage nutrition education and inspire a healthy and positive lifestyle for individuals with disabilities and their families.
  8. To empower our members to set and reach life goals and encourage financial and cultural awareness in pursuit of becoming responsible, contributing members of society.
  9. To develop a family support network and sense of belonging and community through social and recreational programs.
  10. To promote self-advocacy through our People First group and educate our members about their rights, responsibilities, and capabilities in living a self-directed purpose driven life.
  11. To deliver quality linkage and referral services to individuals with disabilities and their families and remain a proactive community resource center.