Feel Good Businesses

DAC is pleased to offer several small business opportunities and services through our “Feel Good” Business Model. Feel Good Laundry, Feel Good Meals, Feel Good Fitness, and Feel Good Cleaning provide valuable services to the community while providing an empowering work environment for our client employees!

Feel Good Businesses are a win-win for everyone involved. The customers benefit from the quality, convenient services provided, the clients/employees have a one-of-a-kind training and employment opportunity unique to Marion County, and the community as a whole will better appreciate the hard work and outstanding abilities of individuals with disabilities. Positive impact on customers, positive impact on clients, positive impact on the community.

Feel Good Laundry: 

Feel Good Laundry is a part of our small business projects, employing individuals with disabilities and providing a valuable service to the community.

We believe that by supporting individuals with disabilities in the workforce, you not only receive a quality experience and outcome, you create and environment to Feel Good, Do Good, and Live Good.

Feel Good Laundry is equipped with fully accessible laundry equipment and supplies and provides not only a quality service to the community, but also a quality work environment for our employees.

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Feel Good Meals:  Bulk Box and Specialty Catering

Feel Good Meals Van-01

Feel Good Meals is a job training program and small business of the Disability Action Center. Providing high quality, healthy, fresh sandwiches and sides to the local community at various locations in Marion County, WV while training and employing people with disabilities and giving back! Feel Good Meals is mobile and designed to meet the needs of a busy, bustling workforce in Fairmont and Marion County, WV.

Feel Good Meals is part of our Career Readiness Programs offered at the DAC and will provide hands on training to people with disabilities desiring a career in the food service industry. Our clients will be a part of all aspects of Feel Good Meals, including ordering, preparing, cooking, serving, and delivery.

Mission Statement.  Feel Good Meals: Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good. Feel Good Meals is dedicated to providing the community with high quality, affordable meals at convenient locations designed to serve the busy workforce. We are dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities to operate Feel Good Meals while empowering others to Eat Good, Feel Good, and most importantly, Do Good.

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Feel Good Cleaning:

Feel Good Cleaning is a job training program and small business of the Disability Action Center, specializing in providing janitorial services for other small business and non-profits in the Fairmont area. DAC staff work closely with the business customer to outline basic cleaning and janitorial contracts and DAC client employees receive job coaching, training, and support throughout the work experience and employment.