DAC Connect

DAC Connect (Formerly Information and Referral):

Positive Peer and Family Connections: Positive Peer Program and related activities that cultivate a culture of positive interaction for all program participants, focusing on one another’s strengths and encouraging healthy relationships with peers, family, caregivers, and staff.

Bullying Prevention, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Structured bullying-prevention program and resources for adult clients and in-school students with special needs. Increase advocacy and education programs for both the individual with a disability and their peers to foster positive relationships and reduce the negative impact of bullying, stereotyping, and non-inclusion.

Social and Emotional Wellness: Programs and services to empower clients to better understand their emotions, handle adversity and stress, make good decisions, and embrace healthy relationships.

Community Connections and Program Navigation: Individual and group assistance for families faced with major decisions affecting their child’s educational, legal, financial, custodial, housing, and medical future. Ask Me Anything forums will support families with applications to benefits programs, waivers, guardianship, Social Security, making a trusted professional available to offer guidance through life’s transitions.