DAC #Higherground Expansion

#Higherground Building Fund and DAC Expansion

#Higherground Expansion continues at DAC with projects including the completion of the Outdoor Classroom in the rear of the main facility. The Outdoor Classroom expansion was generously funded by the Mylan Foundation. The expanded space creates an additional learning environment, adding 525 sq. ft of instructional space for a variety of DAC programs including creative arts, group fitness, yoga, and more.

DAC-Wilfong Wellness Center

The construction of the DAC-Wilfong Wellness Center, a gymnasium and fitness center directly across the street from the main facility tops the list of Phase Three priorities and is the focus of this funding request. The DAC-Wilfong Wellness Center will expand the footprint of the Disability Action Center campus and will provide the space for a gymnasium, therapy rooms, co-location spaces for like-minded partners, adaptive fitness/exercise equipment, and a recreation/wellness space that is lacking from the main facility. Total square footage for the main level of the wellness center is approximately 5,010 sq. ft., not including a basement and loft space (see plans below).

The DAC-Wilfong Wellness Center design includes a 50 ft. x 42 ft. basketball court (middle school half-court size) in the gymnasium portion of the center that also includes an area for lockers, a shower, restrooms, and spectator seating. Project plans allow for the gymnasium portion of the center to be a pre-fabricated metal building and the remainder of the wellness center to be “stick built”. Total square footage for the gymnasium side of the wellness center is approximately 3,000 sq. ft. The remaining 2,000 sq. ft. will house a 1,000 sq. ft. fitness center to include accessible exercise equipment and space for individual and group instruction. The vital remaining portion of the center includes customizable administrative type office space for therapy offices, counseling, small conferences, and related services. While all aspects or areas of the new wellness center provide opportunities to generate income for the organization, it is the co-location of other related service providers that truly complete the wellness center. These complimentary services accomplish the goal of creating a holistic service facility for individuals with disabilities and the entire community.