Our Programs

Career Readiness

Disability Action Center’s Career Readiness Center (CRC) is to provide specialized, hands-on training to individuals of all abilities in the areas of clerical, food service, laundry and janitorial.

Education & Training

The Disability Action Center provides numerous continuing education, enrichment, and training related classes to our members.

Health & Wellness Program

Health and Wellness Program provides persons with special needs opportunities to a comprehensive health and wellness program addressing the need for awareness and understanding of health related needs for persons with developmental disabilities and provides opportunities to learn the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.

Social & Recreational

From Summer Camps to Family Nights, the DAC provides many opportunities for the whole family! Networking, friendship, fellowship, and support for all of our members.

Exercise & Fitness

The Feel Good Fitness program uses the quality Curves resistance equipment that concentrates on core, leg, and arm focused exercises.

GO! Get Outdoors

The GO! Program takes our clients beyond the walls of the DAC to explore their community and improve their health and wellbeing.

Information & Referral

The Disability Action Center is committed to serving our members in all aspects of life. If we do not offer a program or service that a member is in need of, our staff will work individually with the member and their family to refer and connect them with the services.

People First

People First is a self-advocacy group of adults with developmental disabilities who meet monthly with their peers to learn their rights and responsibilities and how to speak for themselves, how to make their voices heard, how to make choices and chances in their lives.

Mission Transition

The Disability Action Center’s Mission Transition Program is designed specifically for Marion County special needs students in grades 9-12 who are looking for support and direction in transitioning to work, school, and gaining independence following graduation.

The Assist Award

Each year, the Disability Action Center presents the Assist Award to Marion County Seniors in recognition of their hard work, graduation, and transition into adulthood. This award is for special education students who have demonstrated the greatest utilization of their potential while in school.


The Disability Action Center Camp CAN-DO is about learning, growing, exploring, and proving that our campers CAN-DO Anything. Camp CAN-DO emphasizes inclusion, personal empowerment, mentoring opportunities, creative expression, and providing innovative opportunities for campers and their families

RURAL Program

A Partnership between the Disability Action Center of Fairmont and the Homestead Farm Center, Inc., designed to provide employment and job training in agricultural education to individuals with disabilities.