DAC Camp CAN-DO Sponsorship Ad 2021

The Disability Action Center Camp CAN-DO is about learning, growing, exploring, and proving that our campers CAN-DO Anything. Camp CAN-DO emphasizes inclusion, personal empowerment, mentoring opportunities, creative expression, and providing innovative opportunities for campers and their families. Now, more than ever, our campers need to feel connected. Time apart due to the Coronavirus pandemic is difficult for everyone, but can be extremely stressful, saddening, and difficult for our clients with disabilities that are so used to routine, reliability, and safety of our center and programs.

The Camp CAN-DO theme for 2021 is “The DAC is Out of This World”…a creative combination of intrigue and fascination with outer space, astronomy, and STEM activities, along with understanding each individuals earthly footprint and environmental stewardship.  An adventurous Week of Camp CAN-DO will feature STEM activities on gravity, astronomy, and rocketry, a field trip to NASA IV and IV Katherine Johnson facility, and a special Earth Day at the Homestead Farm Center.

Camp Registration will open soon!