DAC Education Fund

The Disability Action Center is pleased to announce the establishment of our Education and Resource Fund through Your Community Foundation (YCF). Establishment of this fund will provide grants and funding for education, scholarships and resources for individuals with disabilities for years to come.

The Disability Action Center Education and Resource Fund Endowment will focus on three areas of giving and support:

• The Assist Award Scholarship given yearly to special needs graduates in Marion County Schools (separate from the grant process);

• Educational needs of individuals with disabilities and their families; and

• Resources for individuals with disabilities and their families to include home modifications, assistive technology, personal development, trainings and support services.

Criteria to receive grant funding:

Applicants for Mini grants must be out of school Adults (over the age of 18 and out of school) who are Members of the DAC.

  • Applicants can apply as many times as needed but can only receive funding once every three years. This limit is per client and not per family so multiple family members can receive funding in different years.
  • All applications must be complete and include a letter of recommendation or support from a provider, teacher, family member, worker who can verify the need.
  • The applicants must agree to follow-up, providing receipts, and documentation of appropriate use of funds.
  • Funding priorities in order are as follows: 1. Education and Employment Need 2. Home Modification or Independent Living Need 3. Assistive Technology 4. Training, Resource, or Support

As limited funds are available through the DAC Education and Resource Endowment Fund, grant applications are highly competitive and all applications must be completed entirely. Guidelines for funding are very specific and will be followed without exception. Please pay close attention to the yearly funding maximum when making your request.          


Giving to the DAC Education and Resource Endowment Fund

All donations to this fund are tax deductible. Contributions to the fund can be made to the Disability Action Center or directly to Your Community Foundation on behalf of the Disability Action Center of Marion County Education and Resource Fund anytime throughout the year.  

For more information on the DAC’s Education and Resource Fund you can visit the DAC’s website at www.disabilityactioncenter.com  or Your Community Foundation’s website at www.ycfwv.org. 

In the future, if you are interested in applying for a scholarship or grant from the DAC’s Education and Resource Fund, please contact the Disability Action Center at (304) 366-3213 or email jsole@disabilityactioncenter.com