Health & Wellness Program

The DAC Health and Wellness Program provides persons with special needs opportunities to a comprehensive health and wellness program addressing the need for awareness and understanding of health-related needs for persons with developmental disabilities and provides opportunities to learn the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. Three main components of the Health and Wellness program are Fitness & Recreation, Primary & Preventative Care and Health Education & Nutrition.

Cooking Class: Cooking Class is held once a month and provides our members with the opportunity to learn to cook healthy meals on their own. We focus on cleanliness and sanitation in kitchen, preparing the meals, the nutrition facts of the meal, making healthy choices, and maintaining a clean kitchen and work area.

Lunch and Learn: Lunch and Learn is held once a month and provides our members with a nutritious lunch while learning about a variety of topics such as Domestic Violence and Bullying, Banking and Identity Theft, Safety in the Community and on the Internet, and Hygiene and Healthy Living. The Disability Action Center partners with many community agencies and businesses to offer these learning opportunities and guest speaker presentations.

Life Skills:  Our Life Skills Class is held once a month and teaches our members not only how to count money and change, but to manage and account for their money. Life Skills shows our members how to budget, grocery shop, prioritize their lives, learn about paying bills, and gain the confidence they need to live independently.

Independent Living: The Daniel Memorial Independent Living Skills Training is a software assisted, systematic, competency-based approach to life skills training. Training and Assessment in the areas Money Management, Community Resources, Legal Skills, Education Planning, Housing, Personal Appearance, Job Seeking, Housekeeping, Transportation, Interpersonal Skills, Emergency and Safety, Leisure, Food Management, Health, Job Maintenance, and Religion.

LIFE (Living Independently, Focusing on Empowerment) Our LIFE program, funded by the William and Helen Thomas Charitable Trust, focuses on supporting individuals with disabilities in learning to live independently in their own home or the home of a friend/family members. This highly customized program is tailored to the needs of each client and family and encourages personal responsibility, job training and employment, financial management skills, self-advocacy, and overall health and wellness.