The Assist Award

 FSHS Assist 2017

Each year, the Disability Action Center presents the Assist Award to Marion County Seniors in recognition of their hard work, graduation, and transition into adulthood. This award is for special education students who have demonstrated the greatest utilization of their potential while in school. The nominees and winners are recognized during his/her senior recognition ceremony.

Teachers from each of the three high schools and the technical center nominate two students for the award. Each candidate will be asked to complete an application form and submit two letters of reference, one from a teacher and the second from another source such as a minister or club director (second letter should not be from a family member or teacher). Each candidate will be contacted for a personal interview.

Criteria for nomination will be:

  • Graduating from a local high school or the Marion County Technical Center in the calendar year in which the nomination is being made.
  • At least one year of enrollment in Marion County Public Schools prior to anticipated graduation.
  • Show progress in achievement.
  • Spirit of determination, persistence, etc.
  • Demonstrated a positive attitude toward learning/work
  • Exhibiting qualities of trust-worthiness, humor, courtesy and cooperativeness