Member Spotlight

Kim Pickrell has been selected as our newest member spotlight. She is the daughter of Bill Pickrell and Sue Bunch, and stepdaughter to Dana Pickrell and the late Larry Bunch. Kim is also proud to be the sister of Rick Pickrell and sister-in-law to Rachel Pickrell.

A true West Virginian, Kim has resided in the mountain state all her life. She graduated from the formerly named, White School, located in Fairmont.

Kim loves to learn and is always willing to try new things here at the center. She has done yoga, riding a plane, cooking, robotics, People First advocacy, and improv to name a few. Kim is a helper by nature, which has been made clear by all of the community service classes that she has attended. Her volunteerism has been appreciated by our center, St. Barbara’s nursing home, and Main Street Fairmont. Even though she enjoys all of the classes, she will tell you that her favorite is art. This makes sense as it is Kim’s dream job to one day become a nurse, who also teaches art class. 

Although Kim has only been a member since 2021, we feel as though we have known her a lifetime. She does not know a stranger. Within minutes of meeting someone Kim is able to make them feel as though they are the most important person in the world, and she truly is a friend to all. Everyday that she is here, Kim makes sure to not only ask her friends and staff, how they are doing, but also checks in on their families. Kim is the type of friend that everyone should strive to be and have in their lives.

We can genuinely say that we have never seen Kim unhappy. In fact, she makes a point to let us know each day how happy she is to come and see her friends. Her happiness is contagious, because really, who could not be happy seeing that smile?

Outside of her time at the DAC Kim still stays busy. She is an active member in her church, where she loves to help pass out the books on Sunday morning. Kim is also an avid camper. She has been going to her family’s campsite in Elkins for over 30 years. One of her favorite activities provided there around holidays is passing out Halloween candy to the kids. However, nothing compares to being able to spend time with her family there.

When Kim is looking to relax, she enjoys listening to country music. Her favorite song to sing along to is, “Good Night, Irene”, while her favorite artist is Kenny Rogers. It is clear Kim loves music, because she also enjoys hitting the dance floor for our line dancing classes. She also was able to show off her dance skills at this year’s Night to Shine, surrounded by her friends.

To know Kim is to love her. She is happiness. She is kindness. She is friendship. She is love. We are lucky as a center to be able to call her our friend. Thank you, Kim, for always being our sunshine on a cloudy day.