Member Spotlight

Marina Maddow is our Member Spotlight for the Fall-Winter 2021-22. Marina is a 2013 graduate of North Marion High School, where she also received the Assist Award. She is the daughter of Scott and Fiona Maddow and has three sisters, Evonne, Emily, and Melody. She lives with her family in Joetown, WV.

Since graduating from high school, Marina has excelled in all DAC programs and was hired on as Program Assistant with the DAC in December 2014. Marina worked primarily on clerical and reception duties since that time, but she really took on a leadership role when she expanded in the DAC’s Feel Good Meals small business in the last year. Highlighting Marina’s strengths for organization and quality control, Marina has spent the last 15 months dedicated to the DAC’s Feel Good Meals box lunch program. Marina excels in all areas of the business including prep work, organization, inventory, baking, and her strong suit…quality control.

In addition to her employment with the DAC, Marina is also a student at Pierpont Community and Technical College where she studies Business and Accounting.

If work and college were not enough, Marina is a leader on both the county and state level with the People First Advocacy Group. Marina has held the statewide office of People First of WV Secretary from 2016-2018, People First of Marion County Secretary from 2014-2021, and was recently elected People First of Marion County Vice President beginning in 2022. Marina’s participation with the People First Group has encouraged Marina to be an advocate for herself and others, meeting with legislators and participating in several regional conferences and events at the State Capitol.

You would think that work, school, and advocacy might be enough, but Marina is also a dedicated runner with the goal of running races in all 55 counties in West Virginia. Thus far in her running career, she has completed races in 10 counties for a total of 21 races, placing 1st in her age group 4 times. Running is family affairs for the Maddow’s and many weekends and evenings are spent together training and traveling across the region and state.

In her spare time, she also enjoys reading, Walt Disney movies, and surfing Youtube. Marina is a lover of history and has a fabulous memory. She loves to listen to music, her favorite artists being Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, and 5th Harmony. Her favorite TV shows are the Dancing with the Stars and Master Chef.

Marina has a wonderful story rooted in family and hard work. She was diagnosed with autism as a child and attended school in Virginia before moving to West Virginia. Some aspects of learning she finds hard and other parts come very easy to her. She really began to flourish at North Marion High School where she was active in Bible Club, Spanish Club, and Drama Club. After graduating from high school she came to the Disability Action Center, which has become her second home. She looks up to all of the DAC staff for their kindness, patience, and help. Marina has such a positive outlook on life; setting and reaching life goals and overcoming any obstacles in her life. She is working towards graduating college, training for a half marathon, and saving up for a trip to Disney.

Marina is a light to all around her. She keeps everyone at the DAC on their toes, organized, and informed of all important dates, both past and present!