Member Spotlight


Shalon Matheny is our Member Spotlight for the Fall/Winter 2020. Shalon, age 28, is a 2010 graduate of Lincoln High School where she was on the honor roll. She is the daughter of Kenny and Tammy Matheny of Shinnston, WV and has one brother, Tyler.

Shalon has excelled in many programs at the DAC, especially Creative Arts, Robotics, and Theatre.

In addition to DAC activities, Shalon also enjoys Challenger League Baseball, Cheerleading, and Football.

Shalon loves cats and kittens and enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelters. Shalon loves reading, science, and game shows; her favorites being Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Her favorite movie is Happy Feet and favorite music artist is Michael Jackson. Chicken and seafood are her favorite foods to eat!

Shalon loves learning new things and traveling to new places with her favorite destination being New York!

Shalon is sweet, caring, funny, and very smart. She is so inquisitive and loves to get to the bottom of things and have her questions answered, which is why she would like to be a scientist. Shalon looks up to her mom and dad. The biggest struggle in her life has been losing her Pappy Matheny as they were very close.

Shalon truly shines in the DAC programs and loves to attend classes at the center. She has her favorite classes and everyone at the DAC really enjoys when Shalon, her brother Tyler, and mom Tammy are in class; they always make things fun and entertaining!