Member Spotlight

Geremy Goolie is our Member Spotlight for the Spring/Summer of 2024. He is a proud Fairmont Senior alumnus, who graduated in 2021. Geremy is the son of Gene and Jessica Goolie, and a proud big brother to Garrett Goolie.

In 2022, Geremy began attending the DAC to work on his independent living skills through the Division of Rehabilitation Services. It did not take long after that for Geremy to begin trying out some of the programs the DAC had to offer, especially “Cooking Class” and “Go! Get Outdoors!”. Geremy says that he enjoys coming to the DAC to see his friends.

One remarkable trait that can be admired by those who know Geremy is his work ethic. During his time in high school, Geremy participated in the job training program with job coach, Debbie Stevenski, where he worked at Penny Pinchers. As Geremy has progressed with his independent living skills, he has now moved on to another job training program where he again had the pleasure of working at Penny Pinchers. Geremy is about to enter his second year as a RURAL trainee at Homestead Farm Center, where he continues to learn new skills such as gardening, using farm tools, cooking produce from the garden, and different nature art activities.

When Geremy is not working or at the center, he enjoys unwinding by listening to some Motley Crue, “Motorcycle Roar”, or watching his favorite “Scooby-Doo, Where are you!”. While we can all appreciate enjoying some “me time”, Geremy’s favorite pastime is spending time with his family, especially playing the Wii and Wii-U with his dad and brother, and his favorite place to visit is his grandmas’ houses.

Geremy can be described as having an overall positive and cheery disposition. It is because of these qualities that he is able to persevere through any obstacle he encounters. When learning new skills, Geremy puts in the work. Seeing Geremy’s face light up when he has mastered a task is truly a sight to behold.

Over the past two years we have be able to see Geremy step outside of his comfort zone and try new things. This was seen during Geremy’s participation in last year’s Camp Can Do, “DAC Survivor”. Geremy was able to learn how to start a fire with a flint and read a map/follow a compass. His demonstration of survival skills is what contributed to his being named one of four recipients of the camper award.

Geremy’s personality and work ethic will serve him well as he continues to navigate through adulthood. He has an inquisitive mind, that allows him to continue to push himself to learn new things. We have witnessed tremendous growth in him in only a span of two years, Geremy will excel in whatever he does and we look forward to seeing what the rest of his future holds.