Member Spotlight

Bryce Miller is our Member Spotlight for the Fall/Winter of 2022. He is a Grafton “Bearcat” alumnus, who graduated in 2020. Bryce is the son of Crystal Carder and Larry Miller, with stepparents Jason Carder and Toni Miller. He is the brother to Zachary, Trinity, Camille, Elsie, and George. 

In 2018, Bryce began attending DAC programming during his breaks from school. Following the pandemic, Bryce returned to the DAC to take part in the weekly classes held at the center. His favorite class is creative arts because he enjoys being able to make gifts for his family and friends.  

Bryce is an all-around athlete who plays Challenger League Baseball, basketball, and soccer. In addition to this, Bryce spent years practicing the art of taekwondo, earning his 4th degree blackbelt before retiring from the sport. 

As if he isn’t busy enough, Bryce also has a job. Before being hired Bryce participated in different work training programs to prepare him for employment. During high school he was able to participate in the Pave program at GHS and the DRS Work Based Learning Experience program that allowed him to work at Homestead Farm Center. This previous experience helped prepare him for his current job with Job Squad, where he works a few days a week. Bryce is working hard so he can save up to buy his own house and dream car, a Lamborghini. 

Although he has a busy schedule, he’s not all work and no play. During his down time, he likes watching movies, his favorite of which is Cars, listening to Kiss, and going out to eat (preferably Pizza Hut). When he’s able to take some time off of work, he also enjoys traveling to Gatlinburg, TN for vacation.

If you know Bryce, you know he has an extensive hat collection, which he enjoys showing off to his friends. Not only does he enjoy wearing and buying hats for himself, but he also enjoys gifting them to those around him. But hats are not all he collects. He also likes to get new pop vinyl figures (Kiss is his favorite) and knives. 

Even though he has many collections, the most important thing in the world to Bryce is his family. He his appreciative of the support they have provided him, especially with sports and work. This support helps to push him to do his best so he can make them proud. Bryce also loves his four-legged members of the family, his four cats and three dogs. 

The first word that comes to mind to describe Bryce is, kind. Bryce has a warm and loving nature that he shares with those around him. He is always welcoming to new members of the center, quick to introduce himself, and make them feel at home. Bryce is conscientious of those around him, always making sure to say hi and see how everyone is doing. Rarely will you see Bryce without a big smile on his face or hear his joyful laugh. It has been a pleasure to watch Bryce grow into the man he is today, and we look forward to all of the amazing things that he will do.