Member Spotlight

Lauren Abraham is our Member Spotlight for the Spring/Summer of 2022. She is a 2020 graduate of Penn Foster High School. She is the daughter of Matt and Lisa Abraham and has two brothers, David and Luke. She lives with her family in Fairmont, WV.

During her nearly 4 years attending the DAC, Lauren has taken part in many classes, Friday Night Outs, and work readiness programs/workshops. She has also participated in multiple DAC talent shows where she has shown off her singing and piano playing abilities. For those who know Lauren, it would come as no surprise that her favorite class is creative arts.

Lauren has an abundance of creativity that she pours into the various art related classes at our center and also at her acting classes at Rhapsody Performing Arts. She even participated in a play earlier this year.

While attending the DAC Lauren joined the advocacy group, People First. Since the new year, Lauren has served as the secretary for the People First of Marion County chapter. She takes this role seriously and makes sure to attend meetings so she can fulfill her secretarial duties. Lauren has participated in several mid-year trainings and in county meetings, and has done well with making her voice heard.

For the past year, Lauren has been a part of the Daniel Memorial program through the Division of Rehabilitation Services. This program is helping her to gain the skills she needs to become more independent and ready to join the workforce. Her dream is to become an elementary school art teacher, so she has recently taken big steps toward that goal, by applying to Fairmont State University. With Lauren’s kind nature and creativity, we have no doubt that she will be an amazing teacher!

During her free time, she loves listening to her favorite artist, Braden Barrie, from Say We Can Fly. She has attended 6 of his concerts, traveling as far as Wisconsin! Lauren is also a fan of the director of Braden’s music videos, Micah Adrian. She says Braden’s music has helped her through many hard times and always calms her down.

When she’s not on the road heading to concerts, she is at home playing with her animals. Lauren has 4 dogs (Robby, Sadie, Fetch, and Angel), 5 cats (JoJo, Captain, Dake, Melvin, and Emmy), and two turtles (Aster and Goldie).

Lauren is a happy and healthy 18-year-old, with the world at her finger tips. She has overcome so many challenges in her life to make it to this point and her family describes her as nothing short of a miracle. When Lauren was born, she weighed only 15 oz. She had to spend the first four months of her life in the NICU with a variety of health issues that comes with being born prematurely, but she never stopped fighting. Lauren has always had the support of her family through all of the hardships of life, but she is most grateful for the support from her mother, Lisa, whom she describes as the most loving person she knows.

If you were to ask Lauren to describe herself, she would say she is shy. But we would describe her differently. While at first, she may have been shy, we have been able to watch her grow into a confident young woman whose creativity and thoughtfulness is inspiration to those around her.