September-October 2020 Calendar and Newsletter

Please remember that the DAC continues to follow all guidelines in our Phases of ReOpening Plan in adhering to state and local guidelines including face coverings, screenings, social distancing, temperature checks, increased sanitation, and capacities at each and every DAC program. Thank you all for being supportive and cooperative with these requirements, helping to ensure we can remain open and providing programs in the safest way possible. Our clients and families have been amazing and we thank you!

Level of Support Policy Updates

Please be sure to update your Level of Support Policy with the DAC as there are changes in your support needs or recommendations. You should update your plan due to age or beginning to receive Title 19 IDD Waiver services…either through wait list approval or coming off of the waitlist and completing your IPP Plan.  

 GO! Get Outdoors Activities
September 9th 1-3 p.m. Homestead Farm Center
October 14th: 1-3 Fall Theme

Friday Night Outs-September and October 2020
The September 18th Friday Night Out will be sponsored by the Homestead Farm Center and updates will be given regarding the activity. The October 30th Friday Night Out will be our Halloween Party and based on COVID guidelines MAY be a trunk or treat to adhere to COVID 19 guidelines.
Both events may be held outside based on social distancing and gathering guidelines…stay tuned for details!

 Experience IT Co-Op
Full STEM Ahead and Creative Arts
A partnership of the DAC and Homestead Farm Center
The DAC and HFC are pleased to continue the very successful Full STEM Ahead and Creative Arts classes that include:

  • Abilibots (adult robotics class) on Tuesdays 10 to 11:30 a.m.
    Starting in October! Pre-Registration is required.
  • Assistive Technology/Computer Lab on Wednesday mornings from 10-12 noon
  • Try This Thursday (TTT) on Thursday from 10-11:30 a.m. September, October, November: Creative Arts with Cynthia Garcia

 Try This Thursday classes will be 4 weeks blocks of amazing programming including music, home economics, STEM, photography, theatre, board games, and much more. Check the calendar for full details and descriptions of classes.

 Feel Good Meals Menu png

We are super excited to launch Feel Good Meals. This program and small business has been years in the making. Presently Feel Good Meals employs two DAC clients in all aspects of our box lunch and specialty catering business.

Mission Statement:  Feel Good Meals: Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good. Feel Good Meals is dedicated to providing the community with high quality, affordable meals at convenient locations designed to serve the busy workforce. We are dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities to operate Feel Good Meals while empowering others to Eat Good, Feel Good, and most importantly, Do Good.

Tell your friends about this awesome program and help us grow this business!

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